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Establishing Child Support Is More Than Following A Formula

I Will Protect The Interests Of You And Your Child

If parents divorce or end a nonmarital relationship, both parties have a legal obligation to support a child from the relationship until age 18. If a child turns 18 and is still enrolled in high school, support may be extended.

Child support payments are typically paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. Child support guidelines created by the state serve as a starting point to determine how much a noncustodial parent pays in monthly support. However, there are numerous reasons to deviate from these guidelines, including:

  • To maintain a standard of living set during a marriage that would not be possible if guidelines were followed
  • To cover extraordinary medical or educational costs
  • To help pay for extracurricular activities the child participates in

Resolving Support Issues Without Litigating

In many cases, parents agree to terms of child support without litigating. If an agreement on child support cannot be reached amicably, the parties will present their cases in court and a judge will rule in the case.

At the Law Office of Dontrice P. Hamilton, I represent parents in a wide range of child support matters. My clients include custodial parents who receive child support as well as noncustodial parents who pay monthly support.

In many cases, I help parents resolve child support disputes through negotiation or arbitration in order to avoid drawn-out and expensive litigation. I also assist parties who are not receiving court-ordered support in enforcement action.

Child Support Can Be Modified

Because life situations change after divorce, there are numerous times when modifying the amount of child support is necessary. One example is when a parent relocates and the amount of time a child spends with a custodial or noncustodial parent changes as a result.

It is critical to work with a lawyer and follow legal guidelines in these cases rather than reaching a verbal agreement with your child's other parent. I help clients navigate the modification process.

Ready To Address Your Child Support Needs

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