How to handle discussing a prenuptial agreement with your fiance

How to handle discussing a prenuptial agreement with your fiance

Getting engaged is supposed to be a very romantic experience, and you likely don’t want to damper that too much by discussing unpleasant practicalities immediately. However, agreeing to certain terms in a prenuptial agreement can protect both you and your fiance from pitfalls and problems in the future.

Although bringing up the topic of a prenuptial agreement may seem crass or unpleasant, if handled properly, it could be beneficial for both people about to enter into marriage. Bringing it up as a way to minimize future conflict is often the best way to enter into a conversation about prenuptial agreements.

Frame the prenup as a device to protect your marriage

People think of prenuptial agreements as a means for wealthy people to protect their assets from a spouse in the event of a future divorce, but that is far from the only purpose that a prenuptial agreement serves. In fact, the best prenuptial agreements typically enshrine protections for both parties and outline a simple formula for an uncontested divorce in the future.

You might consider beginning by bringing up that many marriages end in divorce and that divorce itself can be very stressful and expensive. While sharing your fiance that you don’t plan for the failure of your marriage, you can also indicate that it is smart to consider the potential of a relationship failure in the future now while you are on good terms.

The two of you can talk reasonably and calmly about what would be fair in the event that your marriage fails and then enshrine those terms in a document that protects both of you and allows you to divorce with less expense and acrimony. Putting down your expectations for your partner, your marriage and your divorce in writing can also help ensure that you live up to each other standards.