When visitation might be better than shared custody in a divorce

When visitation might be better than shared custody in a divorce

Shared custody scenarios have become the new normal for modern divorces in both Maryland and Washington D.C. Most couples can find a way to more or less evenly share parental responsibilities during and after their divorce.

However, for some people, shared custody may not be the ideal solution. If you have health concerns or career obligations that make it harder for you to be readily available for your children, frequent and liberal visitation may be a better option than fully shared physical custody for your family.

When you have custody, you need to be able to show up for the kids

Career demands are one of the top reasons why people cannot fulfill their parental obligations after a divorce. During your marriage, your spouse may have been the one to rush to the elementary school if your kid developed a fever or shuttle the children to their extracurricular activities after class.

The more hours you work, the more frequently you travel and the more problematic time away from your desk is, the more likely it is that you would struggle to fulfill the obligations necessary as a custodial parent. Regular visitation can allow you to maintain a constant presence in the lives of your children without the risk of being called away from your job.

Those with serious health concerns may also find that they don’t currently have the capacity to parent their kids around the clock. If you are in a situation where you worry about your ability to adequately  focus on the children, then visitation arrangements could be a more viable solution for your family than shared custody. What matters the most is that you remain present and engaged in the lives of your children, not just how much time you spend with them.