DUIs: Defend your rights if you face trouble

DUIs: Defend your rights if you face trouble

You were having the time of your life at the bar when another patron started getting out of hand. The next thing you knew, there was a big fight, and you knew that you needed to get out of there.

You headed to your vehicle and quickly drove off, not even thinking about the fact that you could be over the limit. The only thing you were concerned about was getting hurt, and you didn’t want to be involved in a bar brawl.

Unfortunately for you, your erratic driving behavior drew the attention of a police officer. A few moments later, you were being stopped and asked if you had been drinking. You tried to explain, and that landed you in the back of the officer’s cruiser.

If you’re faced with a DUI arrest, it may seem scary. You are right to be worried about the potential outcome of the case because you could lose your license or face serious fines. In some cases, you could be imprisoned, too.

Your situation may have mitigating circumstances, though. On top of that, the officer could have made mistakes when checking to see if you were impaired or when taking you into custody. That’s something that your attorney will want to look into.

Facing an arrest and possible conviction is hard, but you can get through this. Your DUI attorney will talk to you about the situation leading up to your arrest as well as the specifics of your traffic stop. There may be mistakes or circumstances that can be used to your advantage when you’re defending yourself in court. Our website has more on what to do if you’re facing a DUI.