Should your child get a choice with visitation?

Should your child get a choice with visitation?

| Aug 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

You love your child, and you’ve always been there for them. Lately, you’ve felt like they’ve been pulling away from you, wanting to be more independent and self-supportive. You’re proud that they feel that way, but it has been hurtful that they’ve been telling you that they don’t want to come to your home for visitation.

They have said that they want to stay at their other parent’s house, but your visitation rights guarantee you time with them on the weekends. This situation is complex, but should you hold your ground and enforce your visitation rights?

The court order is the order you should follow

In most cases, the court order is the order you need to follow. If there is some reason why your child doesn’t want to come to your home, speak with the other parent about it and try to work out a solution. You may be able to modify your visitation schedule to work better with your child’s schooling or extracurricular schedule, for example, so that they are happy to come see you at other times.

Children don’t necessarily get to choose who they live with or their custody schedule, but there is no question that they can make it difficult to stick to that schedule if they’re unhappy or combative. It’s a good idea to sit down with your ex-spouse and your child to try to work out a new schedule. Until then, you and your ex may agree to continue with the current schedule. If this is a problem for any reason, you may want to speak with your attorney about taking the issue to court.