Addressing the difficult issue of child custody in a divorce

Addressing the difficult issue of child custody in a divorce

| Jan 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

Divorce cases in Maryland can be difficult in many ways, from potential emotional turmoil to concerns about finances. However, in cases in which the divorcing couple have minor children together, perhaps no issue in the case can be as difficult as child custody.

Child custody in a divorce

When addressing the issues of child custody in a divorce case, most family law courts prefer if the divorcing couple is able to work toward an out-of-court agreement that is mutually satisfactory to the parties involved. After all, a family – even one in the midst of a divorce – knows their schedules and preferences better than anyone else. If the divorcing couple can come to an agreement, that is great. But, unfortunately, these attempts at out-of-court negotiations simply aren’t possible in some cases, due to acrimony, hurt feelings, resentment or even anger between the divorcing couple.

When the parties can’t work out a child custody arrangement on their own, deciding the issue may come down to what a judge believes is in the “best interests” of the children involved. The parties will present their own arguments for why they believe their views on child custody are correct. Presenting a persuasive argument in court may be the only way to attempt to resolve the child custody issue the way you would like.

Understand the delicateness of child custody

At our law firm, we work with Maryland residents who are going through difficult divorce cases and are trying to get through all of the issues in the case one at a time. We understand how delicate and difficult the issue of child custody can be. For more information about how we attempt to help our clients with these matters, please visit the divorce overview section of our law firm’s website.