Prenuptial Agreements

Reducing Uncertainty Through Prenuptial Agreements

Getting married is an exciting event in your life. Amidst the chaos of planning a wedding and the giddiness of starting a new chapter, you may not want to consider the possibility of your marriage not lasting forever. Marriage often means the combination and co-ownership of funds and property.

While a prenuptial agreement may seem like a lack of faith in your marriage, it can be an invaluable tool for you and your spouse if your marriage does not go according to plan. At the Law Office of Dontrice P. Hamilton, I can assist you and your soon-to-be spouse in creating a prenuptial agreement that protects both of your assets and reduces the possibility of conflict in the event of a divorce. Contact me today.

Creating A Plan For The Future

Now is the best time to create a prenuptial agreement. When you and your spouse are facing the dissolution of your marriage, you may be significantly less inclined to work together toward dividing your assets than you are now.

A prenuptial agreement creates terms and guidelines for how assets will be divided or managed in the event of a divorce. Anything from future real estate investments to retirement accounts can be determined in a prenup.

Spouses can use the agreement to protect themselves from debts incurred before the marriage or prevent themselves from falling into debt after separation if their income was limited during the marriage because of children. Prenuptial agreements can outline instances in which one spouse would be required to pay alimony, and the agreement can make stipulations on the sum and duration of the payments.

Prenups can also include language governing the personal rights of the individuals. For instance, if one spouse has children from a previous marriage, the agreement may include a clause that prevents the other spouse from affecting or overturning an estate plan that provides for those children.

Protect Yourself, Your Assets And Your Relationship With Your Spouse

There are myriad benefits to creating a prenuptial agreement. When you schedule an introductory appointment with me at my Rockville office, we can begin creating an agreement that reduces the uncertainty of what will happen to your assets if you divorce. I work diligently to help couples come together and put their minds at ease about their futures.

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